Penetration Testing

Solutions Tailored to Meet Risk Assurance Objectives

Understand real world exploitation of employees

Incorporate phone, email, and messaging-based solicitations that threat actors commonly use to target your

Evaluate your attack surface

Identify exploitable conditions in endpoints, networking devices and applications. We have you covered

Satisfy compliance requirements

We can help define and execute on test plans that meet compliance requirements for multiple industries

Work with security experts

Work with expert consultants with years of penetration testing experience, and deep familiarity with how attackers operate and how organizations

Understand and prioritize remediation

We help you understand the magnitude of vulnerabilities and the impact to your organizations and help you prioritize remediation efforts.

Remediation informed by threat intelligence

We prioritize remediation of vulnerabilities based severity, business impact of exploitation, and threat intelligence regarding the TTPs used by today’s threat actors.

Features of our Testing Service

Flexible engagement models

We work collaboratively with you to ensure that the assessment rules of engagement, timing, and communication processes align with your expectations and needs

Use standards, informed by experience

We keep up to date on developments in testing standards published by the likes of OWASP, NIST, and MITRE, to reflect current best practice developments. We draw upon the collective experience of our testing teams to identify unique or emerging practices to find and exploit vulnerabilities.

Social engineering

We assess general security controls and the security awareness against human manipulation; including email, media drops, phone calls and physical access.

External penetration test

Identify and exploit vulnerabilities on systems, services, and applications exposed to the Internet.

Web application assessment

Assess mobile or web applications for vulnerabilities that can lead to unauthorized access or data exposure.

Internal penetration test

Simulate an attacker or malicious insider that has gained access to an end-user system, including escalating privileges

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