Vulnerability Assessment

Defending Against an Ever-Shifting Attack Surface

Vulnerability Scanning

We scan your network environment to identify and help reduce your organization’s attack surface.

Configuration Management

We check and confirm that hosts are maintaining compliance with a standard configuration policy to minimize the attack surface

Web App Security Scanning

We dynamically scan your web applications to keep up with the pace of change in your environment.

Address compliance

We address new security and compliance needs as your business expands

Understand and prioritize remediation

We help you understand the magnitude of vulnerabilities and the impact to your organizations and help you prioritize remediation efforts.

Remediation informed by threat intelligence

We prioritize remediation of vulnerabilities based severity, business impact of exploitation, and threat intelligence regarding the TTPs used by today’s threat actors.

Features of our Vulnerability Assessment Service

Asset Discovery and Inventory

Inventories and detects all known and unknown assets that connect to your IT environment on on-premise, cloud, remote, and containers

Internal and External Vulnerability Scanning

Automatically detect critical misconfigurations and vulnerabilities by asset.

Threat Contextualization

Prioritize remediation with automated and streamlined threat analysis.

Policy Compliance Scanning

Reduce risk, and comply with external regulations and internal policies quickly and easily.

Patch Management

Patch critical vulnerabilities in real time and across your hybrid-IT landscape.

Web Application Scanning

Find, fix security holes in web apps, APIs

Malware Detection

Scans your websites, and identifies and reports infections, including zero-day threats via behavioural analysis.

PCI Vulnerability Scanning

PCI vulnerability scanning compliant testing, reporting and attestation.

Cloud Security Assessment

Assess your cloud account configurations, their associated assets and resources for misconfigurations and non-standard deployments

Container Security

Discover and secure containers – from build to runtime.

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